Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Did It

Hey there, everybody. I finally decided to start my blog. Nothing interesting yet. I thought if I at least started posting, I'd maybe keep up with it, so we'll just see. For those of you who don't know, I'm a freelance graphic designer. I don't have my official website up yet, but my temporary site is here. I'm not the greatest at web design, but I'm working on it... So stay tuned!

So, I'm not 100% on where this blog will take me, but I will be blogging about graphic design, awesome recipes, and most definitely product reviews. Of everything. From toothpaste to clothing lines. I love finding anything new that makes me smile. And you'll also find that sometimes, my opinion of a certain product can easily be swayed by how beautiful or clever the packaging is. Which is totally OK in my book. If they spent the time on the package design, more than likely they spent extra time on the product. Right? Right.

Also, this blog will eventually be designed by me instead of the template thing. Just got excited about writing a little something before the layout was finished. SO keep coming back, and hopefully you'll like what you see:)


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