Friday, June 3, 2011

Patio Before & After

Finally almost finished! I got all pregnant and distracted from my patio makeover and started researching baby decor instead. I would still like to add a few things on the walls, but for now, it's a much more enjoyable space than before. And not an expensive makeover either! Check it out!

Before, there was a random chair and unused lamp.

After, we hung a $40 hammock from Lowe's, removed the random chair & placed the lamp behind the hammock for easy reading. Jonathan & Merissa brought the wood stack over back in the winter so we could build a fire, but I like it as decor better :)

Before, there were drab, white cushions with dog prints all over them and only one lonely side table.

After, we added custom Trina Turk pillows from Lounge Interiors (site to be live soon!), removed the former white cushion backs, bought a $24 side table from TJ Maxx & added a few $10-$15 candle holders. We washed the seat covers, but apparently somebody named Buzz found his way back on to them...The splashes of the teal make me very happy. You'll probably see the happy splashes of teal again soon in Baby Singleton's room.

Before, the lack of color made this space completely boring.

After, we added a $20 outdoor mat from World Market that made all the difference in the world!

And two more photos for the finale.

So that's that! Hope you enjoyed the patio makeover!


  1. Well, how cute is that. your before and after's inspire me. I think I will do a before and after of my new clothesline! LOL. You have so serious talent. So can't wait to see baby S!!

  2. Love it! Looks so happy now! Such smart (and money savvy) decor tips! :)

  3. Thanks, guys! Before & afters always get me going, so I thought I'd try & spread the inspiration whenever I can:)

  4. You forgot to add me to the hammock:) I am a good addition to any room;)


  5. Colors can definitely create make a huge difference. And you were able to prove it here in your patio makeover project. Though there were no no major renovations, still with a few changes, your patio now has a whole new look! Love it!
    Sol Hendricks @ Diamond Contracting