Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stella & Dot Packaging

Recently, I was in Jackson, Mississippi visiting my family. My sister had been invited to a Stella & Dot jewelry party and informed me I was coming along with her. I usually don't like these kinds of things for a few reasons: #1. I feel obligated to buy something whether I want to or not. (which is the point of this type of sales, I'm sure) #2. The stuff people sell at house parties is usually really ugly. BUT this Stella and Dot stuff is actually really cute! Not the most inexpensive, but reasonable for the most part. I'd been on the lookout for a wrap bracelet anyway, and I found one that luckily came in gold, so I wrote up my order, had a glass of wine, and I was on my way! THEN, the most exciting part...the packaging! I just got my bracelet in the mail today, and I felt like I was getting a special present! So pretty, and so exciting to open. Check it out:

I love this! "You Have a Great Eye" Why thank you, Box!

The bracelet is great quality too. I think it may turn in to an every day staple!

I just love the attention to detail from the lining of the main box, to the sweet little note on the jewelry box. The pattern comes from a shape that that use in some of their jewelry, which is also a nice touch. Nice work, Stella & Dot designer!

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