Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sun Room Makeover

Spring is just around the corner. Or is it already here? I can't ever tell. It's pretty nice today and should be even nicer and warmer soon, and I've been thinking about updating our screened in patio. It's such a fun space in our house, and it's the first thing you see when you come in the front door. But somehow, it seems to get overlooked. Last summer, we spent a lot of time expanding and updating our back deck, and that's usually where we end up when we are entertaining. So this year, the sweet sun room is going to get a cozy makeover. It's going to be perfect for those extra hot days since there's already a ceiling fan in there! So here are a few ideas and things I've discovered so far.

I've already started gathering a few things (like that awesome hammock swing x2) so hopefully I'll have before and afters within the next week! I want this space to feel relaxed and soft with a kind of beachy vibe with lots of curves as opposed to straight lines. I can't decide if I should use a strand or two of lights, but those little bird lights from Pottery Barn are calling my name! I want it to be nice at night too, so I'm going to try to find some nice candle lit wall sconces to make sure our nighttime sun room is extra vibey:) Stay tuned for more updates!

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