Thursday, March 3, 2011

Airstream Before and After

Welcome to 3rd Bird Design! We are up and running out of the Airstream now! All the major work is finished, and now we're just waiting on fabric for the sofa and pillows. I have a temporary solution for both of those now. I'm not sure how long it will be until we get that part completed, so I thought I'd go ahead and share photos of our restoration. These are just photos taken with my iPhone, but I plan to have professional ones taken later as well. So here it is! Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to 3rd Bird! Come on in!


The sitting area before and after. This is where the custom fabric and pillows will go. For now, I have a sheet and two pretty pillows my mom made that will go back in my house after all this is finished.



Here's the kitchen transformed into my work space! It's so cozy you won't even believe it. I use the TV on the wall for client presentations. My wonderful father in law built the desk. Isn't it gorgeous?? And I could stare at the wallpaper all day long. Thanks, Lounge Interiors!



This is the little window I day dream out of sometimes. And if I'm lucky, a few pretty little birds will land on that fence post! My next DIY: Bird houses! I've got some good ideas:)

window copy

The food section slightly updated from before:) And a gorgeous lamp my thoughtful husband bought me for Christmas. I still can't find a good shade! Any suggestions on where to find a good one?



Yep. That's a fake fire/real heater. It's even cozier in here than you thought, right?


As most of you know, we always have a house full of people. So this works out when Casa de Singleton is all booked up! And it also works out when I need to rest my creative mind and take a little nap:)



This is my book shelf that's in the bathroom. Mainly because that would have been wasted space otherwise. I found that little ceramic origami bird at West Elm! And I haven't brought all my books out yet either, so the poor shelf looks a little naked now.


Here's the tiny bathroom before and after! The streaks on the window are from the product we used to try to buff the Airstream to a beautiful shine. We let it sit overnight, and it rained, so now I have streaky windows. Oops!



All of the cabinetry is beautiful and clean and white! I love it.


And last, but not least, a happy mistake! We didn't know that these metal panels were magnetic when we bought them! But I was especially excited when I figured that out!! It makes it easy to look over proofs throughout the day.


So that's it for now! I'm very excited to be working out in the Airstream. I could not ask for a better work space! I didn't put photos of this, but we made storage underneath the beds and sofa so I can store paper and extra supplies. Very handy! Hope you've enjoyed!!


  1. PLEASE submit this to design*sponge! they'd eat it up! it looks so so so so amazing!

  2. I totally agree with Kaelah. And I can't tell you how jealous I am of your sweet airstream.

  3. Thanks y'all!! I may do that after I get some better photos taken:)

  4. This is fantastic! I love the wallpaper and the sink! Congrats - I hope it proves to be an inspiring place to work! Love from Brooklyn - Mary I.

  5. oh my stars! i love it and i'm going to have to come work in your office with you! definitely submit it to design sponge!

  6. Thanks, Mary! You and Lindsey should make a trip down here and "rough it" out in the Airstream:) And, Elle, come on over any time!

  7. Yes to Design Sponge! I also love the desk & the lamp! - Mary I.

  8. I want to have a slumber party in there!!!