Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jett's 1st Birthday: A Circus Party!

It's been a month since Jett's birthday party, & I'm just now getting time to upload & post some of the photos. That pretty much sums up how much busier life gets when you have a one year old. I feel like each month is a little easier in some ways but also a lot harder. People aren't kidding when they say things like "Once they're mobile, you're gonna lose your mind." I always just thought they were over exaggerating, but learned quickly that they were not. Wow. Thank goodness my mom just moved here! That's big news at the Singleton household. Not only did she move to Nashville, but she moved NEXT DOOR! It's been amazing having her here :) She moved the weekend of the circus party! So we've been busy with Jett, packing, un-packing, moving things to storage, stocking Sugar's house with diapers, wipes, toys & all things Jett. Things are settling down a little now, so now I can share some of the birthday photos with you! Hooray!

I had the big carnival "S" made for Jonathan last Christmas, & it worked perfect for the circus decor!

I designed & printed the banner, & my mom & sister helped me hang a cheap piece of red fabric for the carnival tent entrance.

Candy Bar. Special thanks to Sarah & Kate for the M&M's :)

Clown noses

Lachlan, the official circus party greeter. "Dun dun du nu nu nu dun dun dun dun, afro CIRCUS!" Sorry this is sideways, I'm tired.

Pretty popcorn bags from 

The cake was beautiful & delicious!

Blurry photo, but my niece Clara sewed this cape for Jett. There's also a mask. Yep, she's awesome.

Jett & his Nana had some cotton candy :)

This is Clara.

He was fascinated with the lion mane

Jett loves his Paw Paw. And his wagon from some of our lovely friends!

Funcle Dan was excited when all the kids were excited about his gift...Until he discovered he had to blow it up and assemble it. Baahahahahaha!

He liked the cake, but wasn't as in to it as I thought he'd be. The giggles were post-several bites of icing :)

Such a fun day. I definitely teared up when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday." It finally hit me that he was ONE at that exact moment! I have a ONE YEAR OLD!! Well, 13 month old now. Time really does fly. Parents, enjoy every second.

Thanks for checking in on the blog! I'll be posting more photos soon on my Facebook. 

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