Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crazy Train of Thoughts

I was giving Jett a bottle getting him to sleep tonight when I smelled something really nice. Here's how the next few minutes in my head went:

"Oh yeah, that's my new candle burning. Oh no, I left it burning. I wonder if it was close to that grocery bag on the counter. What if the house catches on fire while I'm up here feeding Jett? I guess I would just run outside & watch my house burn. Good thing we live close to the fire station. Surely the fire wouldn't be so bad already that we couldn't get down the stairs. Could it? I would have definitely smelled smoke before now. I could just put the tiny fire out with the fire extinguisher. Do we even have a fire extinguisher? We need one. How do those things work? What if I sprayed it the wrong way & it got in my eyes then I couldn't see? That would be terrible. I would just turn it around & spray the fire blindly if that happened. Where would we even keep a fire extinguisher? We need to put a battery in that smoke detector. How long has there not been one in there? Way too long. But I think the battery is just for back up. I'll ask Jonathan when he gets home. I want to do yoga before he gets back. Then I'm going to make BLT's. I should have gotten a vegetable to go with it. OMG, I'm so hungry."

This is just a few minutes of my thought process about EVERYTHING. No wonder I'm exhausted at the end of the day! Needless to say, my house was NOT on fire. If I really believed it was, I would have definitely gotten the hell outta dodge before I wrote that ADD train of thought book in that head of mine. The BLT's were delicious. I'll post my BLT makin' process tomorrow. And I had to improvise on yoga since AT&T doesn't have an exercise channel (that I can find) anymore. Happy Tuesday, people! 


  1. Goodness, that must be exhausting. However, it is entertaining. :)

    1. Hahaha! Glad my craziness could entertain you, Joanna :)

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