Friday, May 25, 2012

Cheekwood Gardens Play Date

Yesterday, Jett & I went to Cheekwood Gardens to meet our friend Jill & her baby boy Lincoln. Cheekwood Gardens is a gorgeous piece of land with beautiful gardens & ponds all throughout that's been there since 1932. The property was bought by the founders of Maxwell House Coffee after they sold the business for $40 million in 1928. I'm not sure what the equivalent to $40 million is today, but I think the coffee business might have been the place to be way back in the 30's. 

So, after they sold the business, they bought 100 acres of land in, what was then the country, & hired a New York residential & landscape architect to do all the landscaping & detailing. Even inside the home. Pretty cool that his work at Cheekwood is still appreciated to this day. It's still absolutely stunning out there. Here's a couple of photos of Cheekwood way back when.

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Luckily, when we decided to go, there was a Tree House exhibit celebrating the ten year anniversary of their first summer exhibition. They selected 7 different designers to depict great works of literature through building tree houses throughout the gardens. And let me just tell you, they are impressive. Here are a few photos of our fun day at Cheekwood. If you live in Nashville or are in the neighborhood, you should definitely check it out.

I'd like to have this as a playhouse in my back yard.
Jett & Lincoln just chatting about the beautiful gardens.

Guess what this is.

A giant fish tree house made from CD's! How cool?!


Jett was excited.

You better believe I got in there!

So pretty & colorful on the inside!

For more information about Cheekwood Gardens click here.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. I love your blog!! Your posts are so great. I want to Hug Jett. He is the most precious thing ever! I can't believe he tolerates hats too. Soooo cute!

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry I'm just responding. I'm still learning how to blog :) Excited for your new addition :D

  2. I just can't get over Jett and his accessories. Cutest thing ever. I really want to go see this exhibit, LOVE that CD fish!

    1. Aaaaww, thanks :) He loves a hat. He is totally over the sunglasses now though. That exhibit is amazing! If it's still up, definitely go do it. Totally worth it!

  3. Little Jett is adorable. When my little brother was that age he loved his hats too! Come to think of it, he never really grew out of his love for hats. Give Jett a hug for me.

    1. Well, maybe Jetterbug will be the same! He likes wearing them AND playing with them :) Jett says thanks for the hug.