Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adventures in Airstream Hunting

Since I graduated from O'More this past May, I've been doing some freelance work from my home office. AKA my living room on the sofa. Not the most productive place to work. Not that I'm complaining, because I LOVE working from home, but, my attention span does not. So, sometimes I'll be gettin in my design groove, designing away, then look up and see some dirty dishes. So then, I get up to put them in the sink and wash them and I'll notice that the floor is kind of dusty. So then I'll swiffer a little and think "These floors would be much prettier if I just went ahead and mopped. Also, it'll smell good and that will just be the greatest work environment EVER!" Then 2 hours later, I still have barely any work done, I'm out of design mode and I need a snack. Anyway, all that to say that I think everyone needs a designated work space to be at their highest productivity. We have a guest room and a studio for Jonathan, but we have so many house guests, I can't take over our guest space. And working in Jonathan's studio is a definite no go. SO! Our solution? A vintage Airstream!

I'd seen a few restored into office spaces online, and thought it was the most clever adorable idea I'd ever seen. And that retro vintage style and shape of those things could not be more up my alley. I LOVE them. I feel like every time I even start a project, my google inspiration search includes the words "vintage, fifties, or retro." So what better place to get my design on than a vintage 70's retro trailer?!?

So, Jonathan & I started researching, and let me tell you, these things are hard to find. People don't want to get rid of them! Especially the 50's models. They're much more rare than the 70's models. One night, we looked for hours online for the perfect one. Some of them were $10-15,000, and they looked terrible on the inside! Some were fairly priced, but seemed like too much of a project for us to handle. So the next morning, we get on Craigslist and SURPRISE! new Airstream trailer listed in Franklin! We called immediately, and the guy said it sold within 20 minutes after he had posted it... Bum city 2010! Anyway, all that to say, we kept searching and finally found, not one within our budget but TWO! For the price we were prepared to spend for ONE! We're both so excited about this project, that I think it might be a new venture of ours to buy and restore and resell. If we don't get too attached:)

We go to pick my new office up on Tuesday! And we're going to leave one at Jonathan's brothers' house, and he's going to start cleaning that one up and getting an idea of what we'll need to do to start that restoration. So, stay tuned for before and after photos! Until then, take a look at te exterior of my new office!


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to see pics of interior decor & setup. Enjoy your new space :)

  2. I love your project! I have a vintage store in a old trailer in Boston...Good luck with your decorating!

  3. Thanks! And WOW! Your shop & site looks great! I'll have to check it out if I'm ever in your area!