Friday, October 15, 2010

What a Difference a Floor Makes.

We've made some serious progress on the Airstream restorations! We've gutted the entire thing and started all over from scratch. The wood underneath all the ugly carpet was pretty rough, so we used plywood to build a new floor. Then got our new floors installed and started on the walls and ceiling, and next on the list is paint for the interior end caps. But first we have to paint it with bonding primer, sand it, then add the paint so it will stick to the plexiglass without chipping. We have to use spray paint so it wont streak, and that's kind of a bummer because I can't find the perfect blue I have in my mind in a spray paint can. So any suggestions for where to find a great selection of colorful spray paint would be greatly appreciated! Here's a few photos so you can check out our progress!

Here's how beautiful my yard looked during the gutting process.
It got worse too!

This is what it looked like after we gutted it.
We saved all the walls so we could use them as templates.

Here's what was left of the bathroom!

This is the view from the back with the new floor base down.

Jonathan with our new floors.

Adding the AC cover. We got the AC in it to work!
There was a huge bird nest causing it not to work before.

The floor installed! Hooraaaay!

The new walls and ceiling!! EEEEK!

Side view of the walls, ceiling, and floor:)

So, at first, we were going to white wash the wood panels we used for the walls, but once we got them up, we really liked the contrast of the raw wood to the aluminum ceiling, so we're obviously going to keep it that way and just use a natural colored clear sealer over the panels. I like how the silver screws in the wood help tie the metal ceiling in to the wall too. We're going to add 1 inch white trim between the wall and the ceiling and between the floor and the wall. Then we're going to add half inch wood trim across each seam of the ceiling. It is going to be GORGEOUS! I can't wait!

We've also gotten a new toilet and sink installed as well. I'm not sure why I don't have any photos of that yet, but I will soon! Can't wait to be working in my new fancy office! Feel free to send suggestions my way! Next time, I'll have a little diagram of where everything will go!


  1. Looks awesome Kayce!! I know they have all different colors of artist spray paint at Plaza. I'm sure it's on the costly side but I bet they have the color you're looking for! Can't wait to see more. Good luck :)

  2. Thanks, Katie! I'll check Plaza. I was getting really bummed about having to settle for a gross color I didn't really want. You know how it is when you have something set in your mind, and you just can't settle for less:)

  3. hurry up and post more photos!