Wednesday, October 6, 2010

She's Home!

We got the Airstreams! They're both in decent shape. One is better on the exterior and one is better on the interior. We brought the one with the better exterior home since we're ripping pretty much everything from the inside out. These things are so adorable! And spacious too. Especially when we get the big ugly cabinets out of there. The trucking company where we got them was very interesting. A husband and wife owned and operated it, and they just collected really interesting old things. You could tell they were passionate about what they did, so that seemed like a good beginning to the new life of the Airstream. I'm thinking of naming her Bettie. What do you think? Bettie Sue? Bettie Draper? I don't know why the "ie." I'll explore that a little further. Here's a few kind of crappy photos of the shop.

So, the past few days, we've had a neighbor (AKA Ponytail Pete) helping (and by helping, I mean we're paying him) to take the back of our fence by the alley down and rebuild it back up about 6 feet into the yard so it will be easier to get it out if we decide to take it camping. I hate camping, but in the Airstream, it could be fun I guess since that's not really camping. I'm just not in to sleeping outside. Anyway, thanks to Sambo, we got it in the yard, and kind of level. We had to back it up on top of two blocks so it would sit more level. We may end up pouring concrete so it will be perfect, but for now, the blocks will have to work. Thanks, Sam!

Jonathan and I sketched out a few ideas we had for the remodel yesterday, but I'm not committed to anything just yet. I want to be sure it's exactly how I want it! I definitely want a desk area, and I think I may make a standing station as well. I like to switch it up a little. We're keeping the beds where they are so we can also use it as a guest house. I think it will be nice for guests to have their own space to relax. Unless I'm working, then they'll need to get outta there.

So, without further ado here are a few before photos of Bessie. (Just thought I'd try calling her Bessie to see how it felt...Not bad!)

Definitely a lot of work to be done, but I think this will be an incredibly rewarding project! We're starting with the cabinet removal today, so hopefully I'll have some afters sooner than later! Feel free to send me any ideas or suggestions! The more inspiration we have for this the better!

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