Monday, October 4, 2010

Can't Wait to Step Into My Office

We're packin it up for our short trip to Crossville tonight to get the Airstream! We borrowed a truck from a friend, and we have another friend (Sambo) who's coming to get us and help haul 'er back. (we have really wonderful friends by the way:)) I'm so excited and anxious to get it home! Tonight, we're driving to Crossville to Jonathans parents to spend the night, then we'll leave in the morning at about 7 to be at the truck lot by 9. Then we're going to decide which one we want to take home and which one we'll leave for the other restoration with Jonathan's parents or Josh, his brother. I can not WAIT to get this process started! We've already been to Home Depot getting inexpensive ideas for things we want to do first! I know it sounds gross and ugly, but they make this really great wood vinyl that's easy to trim to size that I think we may use. It looks much better than it sounds. And material that will be much easier to work with than even the snap in planks in such an odd shaped area. And obviously easily replaceable if anything were to happen to it. I'm excited to see our ideas grow even bigger once we see it in person. It will be much easier to visualize once we get to actually "step in to my office."

I don't think this one was the vinyl, but I really like this light color worn wood. We'll see how things change in the coming weeks though.

I'll be posting photos tomorrow to show you the before photos! Woohoo!

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